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Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
產品: Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Engergy saving system saving 60% electric power PP/PE, PET/PETG, PC, PS,etc For Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Food, Beverages and so on Multicavity production No ...
公司: [ TW] Suma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ratchet Handle
產品: Ratchet Handle
1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"dr. 48 teeth to 72 teeth ratchet handle. handle: soft grip or plastic.
公司: [ TW] Chwan Terng Industrial Co., Ltd.
High Speed Grinding Machine
產品: 小精靈磨豆米機
產品描述: 特點: 1. 突破傳統,磨石間距之調整採用不繡鋼材質的螺絲、螺帽及三點式調整法,調整方便。且長期使用後不會因生鏽或氧化卡死而無法磨石間距,導致整台機器報廢。 2. 特殊設計之磨石角度,磨豆快速、磨米細滑。 3. 採用全新馬達,功效充足,特殊防水及排水設計,安全耐用及CE,UL,IS09002認證標準。 功能: 1.製造豆漿、米漿、辣椒醬等級各類豆、米、食品、浸軟物品磨細等。 產品規格: 型號 產 能(黃豆) 重 量 功 率 尺 寸 黃豆 米 FE-10 250-400 Kgs/Hr/320-400 Kgs/H 96Kgs 7.5HP 609x426x1269 mm FE-14 400-600 Kgs/Hr/500-700 Kgs/H 142Kgs 15HP 717x646x1416 mm
公司: [ TW] Yung Soon Lih Food Machine Co., Ltd.
Sand Aluminium Casting
產品: 鋁砂模鑄造
本公司設置全東南亞第一套自動造模系統, 完全克服了重力鑄造產能過低的缺點, 更可為高品質的鋁鑄件提供快速及精準的砂模. 造模速度最高可達每小時320模. 大部份的工件僅需要一付模具即可應付所有的需求. 另外,複雜工件的解決方案亦較為簡單. 品質控管方面備有檢驗設備如分光儀、電子顯微鏡、三次元量測儀、儀、硬度檢驗機、拉力試驗機等, 以提供客戶滿意的產品。
公司: [ ] Ming Yang Aluminum, Inc.
PASAK VC Chain Block
產品: P.S.K VC型手拉吊車
P.S.K VC型手拉吊車
公司: [ TW] Re Tu Fa Hardware Co., Ltd.
PE Board
產品: PE Board
PE Board
公司: [ TW] Yiea Shang Industry Co., Ltd.(Gia Der Plastics Limited)
C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
產品: C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Yunsing YS-500 C-Channel Steel Roll Forming Machine complete with hydrualic cutting and punching hole devices by computer system. Beside the traditional ...
公司: [ TW] Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Brass compression coupling
產品: Brass Compression Coupling
Brass compression coupling Size: 1/2" 3/4" Length: 3" 5"
公司: [ TW] Are Sheng Industry Co., Ltd.
公司: [ TW] Taiwan Rong Fu Industrial Co., Ltd.
CNC EDM Machines
產品: CNC EDM Machines
Generator: 1. Employs 32 bits industrial grade computer for mximum stability, fast execution, and great memory capacity. 2. Employs advanced window display for convenient operation. 3. Automatic traverse and positioning function for three axes. 4. Maximum 1000 positioning holes for each life. 5. Over 8 modes orbiting modes. 6. Z-axis features 10 steps machining and auto change the machining parameters. 7. Parameters such as machine rigidity travel speed, arcing sensitivity, flushing height Chinese / English display and inch / metric can be set as desired. 8. Maximum memory capacity is up to 100 working files. Machining mode (single step or full steps), machining simulation, arcing height, Z-axis compensation, coordinate compensation. 9. 9 sets of home points & 100 sets of machining coodinates. 10. Digital dual voltage (high/low voltage) currents being synchronously discharged to ensure faster metal removal rate, low electrode wear and uniform surface finish. 11. Intelligent arcing auto adjustment functiion: Intelligent arcing sensor & adjust paraments to ensure best performance. 2. New "FUZZY" edition function: just input: (1) material of electrode & workpiece (2) machining depth. (3) bimaximum current & (4) minimum current, the "FUZZY" will auto set the machining parameters for each step from roughing to final finishing.
公司: [ TW] Oscare E.d.m Company Ltd.
18 Inch Industrial Desk Fan
產品: 18 Inch Industrial Desk Fan
18" Desk Fan Dual - Free Neck New Design Base 120 Ribbed Grills 3 New Design Transparent Blades (AS Material) or 3 Narrow Blades (ABS Material) 3 ...
公司: [ TW] King Fortune Electrical Co., Ltd.
ZAMAK die casting parts
產品: ZAMAK Die Casting Parts
Rich experience and expertise in Precise and Accurate Die-casting mold design providing high quality and competitive price of die-casting producing. ...
公司: [ ] Champion H&C Incorporated
產品: Knob
Our product ranges include Kitchenware, Tableware, gift and House ware. OEM and ODM services are available upon your requests.
公司: [ ] Sun Yu Ta Co., Ltd.
Jaw Crusher
產品: Jaw Crusher
Advanced hydraulic adjusting system for discharge set by hydraulic cylinder aligned with toggle plate and accessorial mechanism to achived easy adjustment ...
公司: [ TW] Chyi Meang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Vertical Machining Centers
產品: Vertical Machining Centers
1. Adopted four box guide ways to achieve the most rigid support for X- and Y- axis. 2. Ball-screws use the unique pre-pull mechanism to average the load on parts, assuring the best accuracy. 3. 3 axes transmission by direct driven with servo motor ensure high positioning accuracy and repeatability. 4. All machines are inspected by standards of JIS B6338 and 5. VDI / DGQ 3441 to assure of the accuracy quality. 6. Adopt fit-volume lubricant system to offer the most suitable flow rate for box way. All gibs use the full-closed oil way to achieve raise the machine long-term life. 7. An oil cooler for spindle cooling is standard equipment on the machine. This cooler works with room temperature to efficiently control temperature to minimizes thermal distortion. 8. The long nose spindlehead ensures workpiece accessibility and allows deep cavity cutting operation.
公司: [ TW] Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd.
產品: 橡膠
公司: [ TW] Chien Chie Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
Air-operated Double Diaphragm Pump
產品: Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump
Exclusive agent for German product, Wiwa airless pump, Schutze spray gun, in addition, we produce Double Diaphragm Pump, Piston Pump, Paint Regulator, ...
公司: [ TW] Guan Piin Painting Technology Co., Ltd.
Quick couplings
產品: 快速接頭
1.歐規快速接頭 2.日規快速接頭 3.平頭快速接頭 4.鎖牙式快速接頭 5.超高壓700KG快速接頭
公司: [ TW] Chenic Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
Narrow Aisle Electric forklift truck
產品: Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift Truck
The magic master of the turning round Three trucks in one Reach truck Counterweight truck Narrow aisle truck Can be working in very narrow space Create ...
公司: [ TW] Tailift Co., Ltd.
Three In One Filling Machines
產品: Three In One Filling Machines
1. This series equipment is used in producing all kinds of mineral and purified water contained in PET bottle. Washing, filling, and capping can be carried ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co., Ltd. ( Goldsan )
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