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Horse Go Around
產品: Horse Go Around
公司: [ TW] Funway Electronics Co., Ltd.
Biggest Directory Of Commercial Marketing
產品: Biggest Directory Of Commercial Marketing
Whether you focus on the international trade of B2B market, or specialize on general consumption of B2C market. G.T. can assist your website stand out on the top list and also provide entrance service in each search engine portal. Let your website omnipresent!
公司: [ TW] G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd.
All Kind of Board
產品: All Kind Of Board
公司: [ TW] Yiea Shang Industry Co., Ltd. (Gia Der Plastics Limited)
Centrifugal type and irrigation type pumps
產品: 12V 24V 直流柴油泵浦
we manufacture various types of pumps for many purposes which follow our specifications to make a right!!! Application: General household water, underground water, water transportation system
公司: [ TW] San Da Hsing Mechanical and Electrical Product
Garden tools
產品: Soaker Hose
Soaker hose feature: 1. Product manufactured by Seller is made by a combination of two totally different materials, PVC and rubber powder, to make a hose. 2. The product's specifications are as follows: a. Product is made by a mixture of different materials that give it the ability to make bubbles b. Water spraying ability. Makes 70% of the water seep out and spray out. c. The product if burned will produce poison once burned, decomposition smoke and gases is a form of recycling material. d. Speed up the rubber's aging process e. Not resistive to low temperatures f. 65% recyclable g. exterior look is black, with uneven texture to form a velvet look. h. Upon friction there is a slight amount of whiskers i. If there are any patent issues seller is not responsible for it. j. This product is only suitable to be used in gardens and not for drinking water from.
公司: [ TW] All Elements Corp.
Mini Table Flagpole & Stand
產品: 桌上旗桿組.
型號: ATF-3580 產品敘述: 桌上型單節35公分廣告直布旗桿組 整組含: ( 1 ) 一支銅管電鍍亮銀加小圓旗頭,長度: 35 cm. 管外徑: 6 mm ( 2 ) ABS電鍍亮銀上旗座蓋加底部68公克鍍鋅配重鐵板, 座外徑: 80 mm ( 3 ) 12公分ABS電鍍亮銀橫桿. 包裝方式: 散裝 (兩部份) ( 1 ) 座: 一個/舒服多/200 個//箱,淨重: 17KGS/箱,毛重:17.8KGS/箱, 才積: 1.36`/箱 ( 2 ) 小旗桿:100支/ PE 透明袋/200支/ 內盒/800支/箱. 淨重:15KGS /箱,毛重:16.5KGS /箱, 材積:0.98`/箱 ( 3 ) 小橫桿: 100支 / PE透明袋.淨重:0.8KGS 毛重:1.0KGS 型號: TF-3580D 產品敘述: 雙叉高級桌上旗桿組. 整組含: ( 1 ) 兩支銅管電鍍白鉻加小圓旗頭,長度: 35公分管外徑: 6 mm ( 2 ) ABS電鍍亮銀旗座加68公克鍍鋅鐵配重, 座外徑: 80 mm ( 3 ) 小叉片含螺絲. 包裝方式: 散裝 (三部份) ( 1 )旗座: 一個/舒服多/200 個//箱,淨重: 17KGS/箱,毛重:17.8KGS/箱, 才積: 1.36`/箱 ( 2 )小旗桿:100支/ PE 透明袋/200支/ 內盒/800支/箱.淨重:14.8KGS /箱,毛重:16.5KGS /箱, 才積:0.98`/箱 ( 3 ) 小叉片含螺絲.: 100組/ PE 透明袋. 毛重: 700公克 出貨時間: 有成品庫存狀況下三天內,若無則需40天. 型號: TF4880T 產品敘述: 三叉高級桌上旗桿組. 整組含: ( 1 ) 一支伸縮銅管電鍍白鉻加小圓旗頭,伸縮長度: 25 公分 ~ 48公分. 管外徑: 5mm /6mm ( 2 ) 兩支銅管電鍍白鉻加小圓旗頭,長度: 35 cm. 管外徑: 6 mm ( 3 ) ABS電鍍亮銀旗座加68公克鍍鋅鐵配重, 座外徑: 80 mm ( 4 ) 小叉片含螺絲 包裝方式: 散裝 (四部份) ( 1 )旗座: 一個/舒服多/200 個//箱,淨重: 17KGS/箱,毛重:17.8KGS/箱, 才積: 1.36`/箱 ( 2 )小旗桿:100支/ PE 透明袋/200支/ 內盒/800支/箱. 淨重:15KGS /箱,毛重:16.5KGS /箱, 才積:0.98`/箱 ( 3 )伸縮小旗桿:100支/ PE 透明袋/200支/內盒/400支/箱. 淨重:8.3KGS /箱,毛重:9KGS /箱,才積:0.42`箱 ( 4 ) 小叉片含螺絲.: 100組/ PE 透明袋. 毛重: 700公克 型號: TF4880 產品敘述: 單叉伸縮高級桌上旗桿組. 整組含: ( 1 ) 一支伸縮銅管電鍍白鉻加小圓旗頭,伸縮長度: 25 公分 ~ 48公分. 管外徑: 5mm /6mm ( 2 ) ABS電鍍亮銀旗座加68公克鍍鋅鐵配重, 座外徑: 80 mm 包裝方式:散裝 (兩部份) ( 1 ) 座: 一個/舒服多/200 個//箱,淨重: 17KGS/箱,毛重:17.8KGS/箱, 才積: 1.36`/箱 ( 2 ) 伸縮小旗桿:100支/ PE 透明袋/200支/內盒/400支/箱. 淨重:8.3KGS /箱,毛重:9KGS /箱,才積:0.42`箱 型號: TF-3380 產品敘述: 單叉T型高級桌上旗桿組 整組含: ( 1 ) 一支銅管電鍍白鉻加小圓旗頭,長度: 33 cm. 管外徑: 6 mm ( 2 ) ABS電鍍亮銀旗座加68公克鍍鋅鐵配重, 座外徑: 80 mm 包裝方式:散裝 (兩部份) ( 1 ) 座: 一個/舒服多/200 個//箱,淨重: 17KGS/箱,毛重:17.8KGS/箱, 才積: 1.36`/箱 ( 2 )T型桿: 100支/ PE 透明袋/200支/ 內盒/800支/箱. 淨重:15KGS /箱,毛重:16.5KGS /箱, 才積:0.98`/箱
公司: [ TW] Flagpole International Co.,Ltd
square extrusion/120
產品: Square Extrusion/120
good quality,widely be used in exhibition
公司: [ CN] Nanjing New Kangjia Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd
wire mesh
產品: Wire Mesh
We can supply all kinds of products including Galvanized Wire ,stainless steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh, crimped mesh, hexagonal wire mesh,Welded Mesh ...
公司: [ CN] Hengshui Skyline import and export Corp.,Ltd
pop up
產品: Pop Up
The equipments are well known with best quality, elegant & natural drawing line, light weight, easy to carry and set up and are your ideal tools to ...
公司: [ CN] Chenyang Display Manufacturing&Produce Co.,Ltd.
Flower Pot
產品: Flower Pot
Plastic Flower Pot
Pole Advertising Banner Equipment
產品: Pole Advertising Banner Equipment
Banner equipment are among the best advertising tools to grab attention wherever they are displayed. Pole banner are a great way to showcase a message ...
公司: [ CN] Builter Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd.
inkjet pvc card
產品: Inkjet Pvc Card
Blank PVC Card Feature 1.high-tech nano-coating,waterproof 2. Fast absorb ink,instant dry 3.Directly printing by Epson or Canon printer 4.Double ...
公司: [ CN] Anhui Safe Electronics Co.,Ltd. pvc card
biogas parts
產品: Biogas Parts
Biogas is a combustible mixture of gases produced by micro-organisms when livestock manure and other biological wastes are allowed to ferment in the absence ...
公司: [ CN] Chengdu Liberty Co., Ltd.
Sinotruk Str 4x2 tractor
產品: Sinotruk Str 4x2 Tractor
I am sophia from Jinan Century Tianbang Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd. Our company is the authorized company of SINOTRUK, and mainly deal with ...
公司: [ CN] Jinan Century Tianbang Automobile IM & EX Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong company annual renewal registry and maintain
產品: Hong Kong Company Annual Renewal Registry And Maintain
Hong Kong Company Annual Renewal and Maintenance Services. Costs for Hong Kong Company Annual Renewal and Maintenance. The annual costs to maintain ...
公司: [ HK] Colvass Consulting Limited
Casting Parts&Bucket teeth
產品: Casting Parts&Amp;Bucket Teeth
We produce all kinds of Bucket tooth,bucket adapter,replacement part,bucket tooth,replacement part,bucket cutter,drilling tools,rotary drilling bits,trenching ...
公司: [ CN] HangZhou GuanNan Precision Casting Co.,Ltd
Army camouflage Watch
產品: Army Camouflage Watch
Size : Small Unisex Band : Silicone-kaki camouflage Case : Polyamide+-kaki camouflage Dial : Enamel-kaki camouflage Movement : Miyota ...
公司: [ US] watch online sale
產品: BLL-B036-OPW-0306
This functional recessed combining contemporary design and innovation will bring to your tertiary applications energy performance, visual comfort and sustainabil ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Bailu Light CO.,Limited
Flying Banner/Outdoor Banner
產品: Flying Banner/Outdoor Banner
Size: 2.1m, 2.9m and 4.1m Style: Flying Material: Epoxy fiberglass Type: Roll-wrapping Productivity: 30000PCS/Month Payment: By T/T, L/C at sight Trademark ...
公司: [ CN] kawa composite products co., ltd
sanitary steel tube
產品: Sanitary Steel Tube
We will provide you with high-quality Stainless steel seamless pipe and services.
公司: [ CN] Shenyang Debang Stainless Steel Industrial Co. Ltd.
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